Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Dog's Life is Short

A dog's life is short.  They come into our lives, and a make a place in our heart.   When they depart this world and go onto the next, they take apart of us with them.  Leelee, the contented dachshund, did that to me.

When I first saw Leelee, it was love at first sight.  One lick through the metal cage that she was in sealed her fate.  Leelee was meant to be my dog.  I had an instant connection with her.  I was meant to be her human, and we both knew it.

Leelee was my little brown wolf.  She was a part of my soul.  Leelee and I instantly bonded.  I have never had anything like that happen before or since.

Without Leelee in my life, I feel like some part of me is missing.  How could this sweet little dog have become such a big part of me in such a little amount of time?  She was only with my family for a little over six years.

Although I have two new dogs now, I still cry for Leelee often.  My heart still breaks for my sweet little shelter dog.  My time with Leelee was so short; I am so glad, she was part of my life.  I loved her so much and miss her.  Not a day goes by that I do not think of my sweet little brown wolf.

Photos and content by  Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie   ©2017 all right reserved