Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wordless Wednesday One Month With Bella and Fred

Wordless Wednesday One Month With Bella and Fred

I was going to do a weekly diary of photos with both Bella and Fred.  I did start doing it but, I realize there are only so many things you can take photos of the dogs doing.  Since, both Bella and Fred seem not to like the picture taken.  May be they will like the picture taken after they are with us for awhile.  Plus, I have been busy doing other things.

I decided to so the wordless Wednesday with the two of them.  I have not taken that many more photos since thee last time I posted photos of them.

Fred is my baby and my shadow.  He follows me everywhere.  I love the old guy.  He reminds me of Leelee in so many way.  He looks a lot like Leelee. He he is sitting in the royal doggie spot.

Here is Fred really making me think of Leelee as he looks like her all wrapped up in his blanket.  I do have a big heart for older dogs.  I think they are so beautiful.

Here is a good photo of Fred trying to talk like a human.  This is another reason why he reminds me so much of Leelee.  This big old basset boy has made a home in my heart.

Love those big basset eyes.  Fred is much easier to get photos of than Bella.

Bella does not like to sit still.  It is very hard to take photos of her.  This one of two good photos.

Bella at rest.  This little dog keeps me going day and night.  She is a handful but I love her.

I hope you enjoyed the latest photos of Bella and Fred.  Forgive me for talking about how much Fred reminds me of Leelee.  Leelee has not even been gone for two months.  She was my little angel of a dog and I will never forget her.  One of the reasons I wanted Fred so much was because he reminded me of Leelee.  The longer I have him the more he reminds me of her.  Even little Bella shares some of the endeared qualities of Leelee.

Content and photos  by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie  ©2017 all right reserved

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