Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: 4/12/2017 Getting Used to Two Dogs

When I had just Leelee things were fairly easy.  She went out did what she had to do and came back in the house.  Bella and Fred are way different.  They both like to me outside and they want to walk around.
                                          walking two dogs in the backyard

Walking the two dogs at the same time is not easy.  Fred likes to run and Bella wants to take things slow and smell everything.  Each walk takes about a half an hour.  Leelee only took about five minutes.

                                          walking two dogs is not easy

I love having two dogs.  I just have to get used to the two of them and they have to get used to me.  I have only had Bella and Fred for a week and we are all getting into a routine.  I do miss my little writing buddy Leelee.  She would lay on my lap while I was working.  Bella and Fred are beside me when I work at best.

                                         Bella loves her toys and always wants to play.

       Fred is more laid back and likes to be on the pillows on the couch.

Getting used to having two dogs is going to take some time.  They have totally different personalities.  But, I love them both in their own way.  We all still miss Leelee but having these two guys is helping.  It's just going to take us all time to adjust.

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