Thursday, April 13, 2017

Throwback Thursday 4/13/2017 The Last Months if Leelee

Leelee the Contented Dachshund was a fighter.  She had cancer it was thought that she would not make it until September.  Leelee made it to March.  In January Leelee started getting bad.  I could tell that she was at the end of her life.
Leelee was sleeping almost all of the times.  I rarely left her side.  Leelee was a rescue dog.  She was returned to the shelter several times.  So, in my eyes, many people had thrown this poor dog away.  I refused to do that to her.  I would stay with her to the very end.  I would do whatever it took to make her happy and comfortable.
Leelee had a very strong spirit and soul.  She had found a family that loved her and she did not want to leave her happy home.

By little Mark's birthday 2/15, you could really see that she was slipping away.  But, what an amazing girl she was, she made it almost one more month.  She refused to died on one of her humans birthdays.

Leelee had a strong spirit.  But even the strong souls in the world most return to Creator.  Leelee died in my arms, the way she was meant, with a smile on her face.  Leelee was a dog with a human soul and spirit.  Leelee was not just a dog, she was a member of my family and will be greatly missed.  She is one dog I will never forget.

content and photos  by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie  ©2017 all right reserved

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