Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Contented Dachshund Videos

The Contented Dachshund Videos

 One of the things that helped me after Leelee had passed away was that I had videos of her.  I only had four videos of Leelee the Contented Dachsund.  But, those four videos were enough to put a smile on my face after Leelee had passed. I am jubilant that I have them.

                Leelee doing pretty Lee.  She stands on her hind legs, too cute.

I have decided that I am going to try and get as many videos as I can of Fred and Bella.  Fred is an older guy, and I hope to have more videos of him than I do of Leelee.

I admit that I favor Fred over Bella.  I prefer Fred because he reminds me so much of Leelee.  Fred looks like Leelee.  I think Fred may be Leelee's brother.  He is a basset-dachshund mix.  You can see the basset hound in him.

I took a small video of me walking Bella and Fred.  I can tell you it is not easy walking two dogs. It was not easy getting the video either.  I want to get a video of Fred running; he looks so cute with his ears flopping in the wind.

Bella is a wild little dachshund.  She loves to play.  Bella would be a good hunting dog.  You have to watch this video of Bella the Contented Dachshund killing her string ball.

I hope you enjoyed the videos of my dachshunds.   Come back soon for more on Fred and Bella.

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The Savvy Age said...

Ohhh so precious! Glad you have a few videos of L ...

LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer said...

I am glad, I had a few videos of her. They helped me get through the pain of losing her.

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