Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bella, the Toy Juncky

Bella, the Toy Junky

Bella, my little dachshund, is a toy junky.  She loves to chew on toys.  She can destroy a baseball in seconds flat.  I am not used to a dog that likes to play.  Leelee was not much for toys.  But, Leelee was a shelter dog her whole life and was nine when we got her.  It is understandable why she did play with toys.

Bella, the Toy Junky, Destroys Toys

I have only had Bella for a couple of weeks.  She has already gone through six baseballs and three rope toys.  She will chew on them until there is nothing left.  I am still finding little pieces of baseball around the house from a ball that she destroyed a week ago.

Bella is a handful but a very sweet little dachshund.  I need to find a dollar store that sells dog toys because they never last more than a couple of days anyway. Bella, the toy junky, can go through some toys.

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