Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taking Care of a Sick Dog is like Taking Care of a Baby

Sorry, that I have not been around for some time. I have been taking care of Leelee, the contented dachshund. Taking care of a very sick dog is like taking care of a small baby.
First of all, I had made a commitment to this shelter dog when I brought her home. She had been abandoned by many people before I got her. I plan on doing the best I can for her. While many others would have put her down according to the vet, because of all I have to deal with. I refuse, to put her down. She is not in pain and is not suffering.
She does have a opened wound on her belly, that needs to be cleaned and bandaged often. She has to soak in warm water at; east once a day. According to the vet, this will help the wound stay clean and heal.
I have to keep her from licking her wound. She does sleep a lot but very lightly most of the time her eyes are opened. I was told, by the vet that this is because she is afraid, I am going to leave her. She was brought back to the shelter several times, and she is afraid I am going abandon her, too.
Anyone who knows me well knows, that I will take care of this dog until the end. If, the time does come that I have to put her down. I am told, that there is a way they can do it with her sitting on my lap. They would just give her something to go to sleep and then something else. I don't even want to think about that.
She is still lively. She wags her tail when someone she knows comes near her. She seems to be very happy. So, even though taking care of her is like taking care of a baby, I will care for her until the end.
photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2017 all right reserved

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