Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pets Are Our Children

Pets are like our children. When they are sick or not feeling well, we stay by their side and do whatever we can to make them feel better. If we don't know what's wrong with them, we worry about them until a vet tells us what is wrong. Pets are members of our families, and we worry about them like we would worry about a member of our family.
Leelee the contented dachshund was very sick the other night. She would not eat anything. No eating is very strange for Leelee. She will eat anything that you put in front of her. The thing is she would not eat anything either. I was very worried about her.

She has had a cyst on her belly since we got her. Now, the last time I took her to the vet the vet said she had cancer, and there was nothing they could do. They told, me, she may not make through the winter. So now, you can see why I was so worried when she would not eat or drink anything.
I did end up staying up with her. She finally did eat and drink. I think she just had a bad belly ache. We have gotten very lucky with cancer, it's not blocking anything and doesn't seem to have much of an effect on Leelee. She still plays and acts normal. The only thing is she can not move around as quickly as she could before.
I did take her to the vet to make sure.  She is doing well, and her vet is surprised at just how well she is doing. He told me she must have a loving home and an unyielding will to live. SO, I guess, that is the best I can hope for right now. I will keep you all updated on how she is doing.
photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2017 all right reserved

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