Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Fighting Dachshund

Hello everyone,
Many of you know that my dachshund Leelee has been fighting cancer.  That is why I have not been posting lately.  I am taking care of her.  She is doing very well when you think about it.  She is still eating and drink on her own and still can go to the bathroom on her own.

She is very strong and is fighting very hard.  Every day she sleeps more and more.  She is a fighter.  The vet can not believe she has made it still long.  She still appears not to be in pain.  I plan on taking care of her until the end.  We have talked about it many times and have decided, that unless she starts suffering I will take care of her until she goes.  I will try and keep you updated, as much as possibles.
Photo is mine Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp

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