Thursday, March 16, 2017

Leelee the Christmas Theft

The Candy Cane Theft
Leelee the Christmas theft dachshund. Now dachshunds are very sneaking little dogs. But, Leelee usually doesn't run off with anything. This Christmas morning Leelee decided, that she was going to see what I son Mark got before he had a chance to. Well, there was a candy cane filled with peanut butter cup that Leelee just could not resist. She picked up the candy cane and ran off to her cage. She was caught before she even had a chance to chew on the plastic can.
The M & M Container Leelee's New Toy

Leelee decided that the M & M's were not for Mark but, for her. There is a little tab on the container to open it. Leelee somehow picked up the container by this tab. She dropped the container, and it rolled away from her. She started chasing it and playing with it. She rolled the container all around the house.

Somehow Leelee ended up getting the M &M's container on the couch. She was chewing on it, trying to get it open, with no luck. But, she made up her mind that the M &M's were hers. If someone tried to take them from her, she would bark. So we just let her have that container of M &M's. There was no real way she was going to open them, anyway. She fell asleep guarding the M & M's. Once Mark eats the candy, I will give Leelee the container to play with, the M & M'S container will be her new toy.
Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2016 all right reserved

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