Thursday, March 16, 2017

God Stepped In

Many of you know that my dachshund has not been doing well. Over the past few weeks, I thought we were going to lose her many times. She is still with us amazingly. The vet doesn't even understand it.
Leelee was a shelter dog that rescued over six years ago. She wasn't in great shape when we got her. She is a very sweet little dog. She loves people.
Back in May, I was told, she had cancer and may not make it through the winter. In the past few weeks, Leelee has gotten worse. Because of her age and the nature of what she is going through, the vets do not think it would not be a good idea to operate on her.
At the point, Leelee needs a lot of care. I am the one taking care of her. That does keep me away from my writing.
A few weeks back, she was very ill and not eating or drinking. I thought that was the end of Leelee, the contented dachshund. The cyst on her belly opened, and this is what the vets believe saved her. She is a strong willed dog. I believe God stepped in and saved her.
She most likely will not fully recover from this one. She is eating and drinking, again. But, she is having trouble getting around, and she has a bandaged belly.
I will care for her until she can not be cared for anymore.

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