Thursday, March 16, 2017

Leelee Has Passed

Leelee the Contented Dachshund passed away this morning at 10 am.  She was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen and will be greatly missed.

Leelee was my family's little angel.  She brightened all of our lives.  She was my son and husband's first dog.
Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp

My Fighting Dachshund

Hello everyone,
Many of you know that my dachshund Leelee has been fighting cancer.  That is why I have not been posting lately.  I am taking care of her.  She is doing very well when you think about it.  She is still eating and drink on her own and still can go to the bathroom on her own.

She is very strong and is fighting very hard.  Every day she sleeps more and more.  She is a fighter.  The vet can not believe she has made it still long.  She still appears not to be in pain.  I plan on taking care of her until the end.  We have talked about it many times and have decided, that unless she starts suffering I will take care of her until she goes.  I will try and keep you updated, as much as possibles.
Photo is mine Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp

Taking Care of a Sick Dog is like Taking Care of a Baby

Sorry, that I have not been around for some time. I have been taking care of Leelee, the contented dachshund. Taking care of a very sick dog is like taking care of a small baby.
First of all, I had made a commitment to this shelter dog when I brought her home. She had been abandoned by many people before I got her. I plan on doing the best I can for her. While many others would have put her down according to the vet, because of all I have to deal with. I refuse, to put her down. She is not in pain and is not suffering.
She does have a opened wound on her belly, that needs to be cleaned and bandaged often. She has to soak in warm water at; east once a day. According to the vet, this will help the wound stay clean and heal.
I have to keep her from licking her wound. She does sleep a lot but very lightly most of the time her eyes are opened. I was told, by the vet that this is because she is afraid, I am going to leave her. She was brought back to the shelter several times, and she is afraid I am going abandon her, too.
Anyone who knows me well knows, that I will take care of this dog until the end. If, the time does come that I have to put her down. I am told, that there is a way they can do it with her sitting on my lap. They would just give her something to go to sleep and then something else. I don't even want to think about that.
She is still lively. She wags her tail when someone she knows comes near her. She seems to be very happy. So, even though taking care of her is like taking care of a baby, I will care for her until the end.
photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2017 all right reserved

God Stepped In

Many of you know that my dachshund has not been doing well. Over the past few weeks, I thought we were going to lose her many times. She is still with us amazingly. The vet doesn't even understand it.
Leelee was a shelter dog that rescued over six years ago. She wasn't in great shape when we got her. She is a very sweet little dog. She loves people.
Back in May, I was told, she had cancer and may not make it through the winter. In the past few weeks, Leelee has gotten worse. Because of her age and the nature of what she is going through, the vets do not think it would not be a good idea to operate on her.
At the point, Leelee needs a lot of care. I am the one taking care of her. That does keep me away from my writing.
A few weeks back, she was very ill and not eating or drinking. I thought that was the end of Leelee, the contented dachshund. The cyst on her belly opened, and this is what the vets believe saved her. She is a strong willed dog. I believe God stepped in and saved her.
She most likely will not fully recover from this one. She is eating and drinking, again. But, she is having trouble getting around, and she has a bandaged belly.
I will care for her until she can not be cared for anymore.

Leelee, the Contented Dashchund, Not Doing Well

Many of you know Leelee has not been doing well for some time. The vet said we would be lucky if she made through the winter. Right now I am praying that she makes it until after Little Mark's birthday. After all, that is his birthday wish.
She is still moving around on her own power but she tires easily, and she is not eating like she once did. Her vet was surprised to see the old girl still going strong. She still doesn't appear to be in pain. We have chosen not to do anything unless she gets worse. They drained the cyst again; she seemed a lot better after that. We will just have to see, what happen.
We are hoping to get Mark another dog for his birthday but have not found any as of yet.
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Earth Angels

Pets are Earth Angels.  They are always by your side.  No matter what you are going through, a pet always tries to make you smile.  We take care of pets but they take care of us as well.  Somehow,  they always know if we had a bad day.  They act silly just to see the smile on our faces.  Pets love to hear us laugh and see us smile.  Pets are Earth Angels.

photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2017 all right reserved

Pets Are Our Children

Pets are like our children. When they are sick or not feeling well, we stay by their side and do whatever we can to make them feel better. If we don't know what's wrong with them, we worry about them until a vet tells us what is wrong. Pets are members of our families, and we worry about them like we would worry about a member of our family.
Leelee the contented dachshund was very sick the other night. She would not eat anything. No eating is very strange for Leelee. She will eat anything that you put in front of her. The thing is she would not eat anything either. I was very worried about her.

She has had a cyst on her belly since we got her. Now, the last time I took her to the vet the vet said she had cancer, and there was nothing they could do. They told, me, she may not make through the winter. So now, you can see why I was so worried when she would not eat or drink anything.
I did end up staying up with her. She finally did eat and drink. I think she just had a bad belly ache. We have gotten very lucky with cancer, it's not blocking anything and doesn't seem to have much of an effect on Leelee. She still plays and acts normal. The only thing is she can not move around as quickly as she could before.
I did take her to the vet to make sure.  She is doing well, and her vet is surprised at just how well she is doing. He told me she must have a loving home and an unyielding will to live. SO, I guess, that is the best I can hope for right now. I will keep you all updated on how she is doing.
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Leelee the Contented Dachshund


Leelee the contented dachshund is my sweet little dog.  I love her so.  I love taken photos of my little angel Leelee.  It's not always easy getting good photos of Leelee.  I have a lot of fun trying to get nice photos of her.  I am sure when she is gone the memories of taking photos of her will bring be great happiness.


photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2017 all right reserved

Leelee in the Myst


I took this photo of my dog Leelee on the couch.  I must have been moving because it's not clear.  I find something very interesting about this photo.  You can tell that it is a photo of Leelee but it looks like you are looking at her through mist or smoke.  I have no idea how I got this effect.
photo and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2017 all right reserved

The Happy Dachshund

I love this picture of Leelee, she looks like she is smiling.  She is very happy in this photo.  It was taken Christmas morning.  My son was shaking a M & M's container in front of her.  She ran off with the container and played with it.

She played with the container until she fell asleep.
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Leelee the Christmas Theft

The Candy Cane Theft
Leelee the Christmas theft dachshund. Now dachshunds are very sneaking little dogs. But, Leelee usually doesn't run off with anything. This Christmas morning Leelee decided, that she was going to see what I son Mark got before he had a chance to. Well, there was a candy cane filled with peanut butter cup that Leelee just could not resist. She picked up the candy cane and ran off to her cage. She was caught before she even had a chance to chew on the plastic can.
The M & M Container Leelee's New Toy

Leelee decided that the M & M's were not for Mark but, for her. There is a little tab on the container to open it. Leelee somehow picked up the container by this tab. She dropped the container, and it rolled away from her. She started chasing it and playing with it. She rolled the container all around the house.

Somehow Leelee ended up getting the M &M's container on the couch. She was chewing on it, trying to get it open, with no luck. But, she made up her mind that the M &M's were hers. If someone tried to take them from her, she would bark. So we just let her have that container of M &M's. There was no real way she was going to open them, anyway. She fell asleep guarding the M & M's. Once Mark eats the candy, I will give Leelee the container to play with, the M & M'S container will be her new toy.
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Is Your Dog a Reflection of You?

Is Your Dog a Reflection of You?
Is your dog a reflection of you? For some people this may not be true, for others, it may be true. When I think about my dog, Leelee the contented dachshund, I hope it is true.

Leelee the Contented Dachshund's Personality
When thinking about if Leelee is a reflection of me, I look at Leelee's personality, now. Leelee has been with us for six years, and she has changed a lot in those six years. Let's take a look at Leelee's personality.

A Look at Leelee the Content Dachsund's Personality

1. Leelee barks but only when the is a reason for barking

2. Leelee is very outgoing

3. Leelee is very protective of my family

4. Leelee loves to be outside in the warm weather5. Leelee is a kisser

Comparing Leelee the Contented Dachshund's Personality to Mine

1. Leelee barks but only when there is a reason for barking. I am a very quiet person. It takes a lot to get me mad or upset. I will often look the other way. I will avoid confrontation if it is possible. But if you manage to get me mad or upset, I will strongly voice my feelings and opinions about it to you.
2. Leelee is very outgoing. Leelee is a friendly dog. She likes new people, she often wags her tail and tried to meet new people. I have been told that I am easy to talk to and strangers often start conversations with me.
3. Leelee is very protective of my family. Well, this one kind of goes without saying. Anyone who knows me knows that where my family is concerned, I am very protective of them. If someone wrongs a member of my family, this is where that quiet person will disappear and go off on someone.

4. Leelee loves to be outside in the warm weather. I am a nature lover. I love taking long walks when the weather permits. The older I get, the more the cold bothers me which does stop me from spending time outdoors.
5. Leelee is a kisser. Well, I am what people would call a touchy, feely person. Only when I know people don't like this am I not that way. I will often hug and kiss people hello and goodbye.
Is your dog a reflection of you? Well, I have to say that yes, Leelee the contented dachshund is a reflection of me. Her being a reflection of me is not a bad thing, she has many of what I would consider my good traits.
Is your dog a reflection of you?

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Dogs: The most Loyal Creatures On Earth

Dogs are the Most Loyal Creature on Earth

If you don't own a dog, you may not know that dogs are the most loyal creatures on Earth. Dogs being so loyal can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sadly, many dogs are hurt and abused but they are still loyal to the people who hurt them. This can, in fact, cause the dog, even more, pain and abuse.
On the other hand, if the dog has an owner that loves them and takes care of them, both the own and dog bring great joy to one another.
Abused Rescue Dogs Most Loyal to New Owner

Rescue dogs are amazing dogs. Abused rescue dogs are most loyal to their new owners. My dogs Leelee was a rescue dog. Leelee went through hell before I get her. She was in a puppy farm and was bred until she couldn't have any more puppies. Someone broke her tail and cracked her ribs.
When we first got Leelee, she was afraid of people. There were only a few people she would let near her. After some time she did get over being afraid of people.

Leelee never barked when we first got her. I didn't even think she could bark. I found out that the not barking was a side effect of her being abused. I am happy to tell you, that after a couple of years with my family, Leelee does bark.
Leelee is one of the sweetest, most loyal dogs I have ever had. Over the years, I have had many people yelling at me because her abuse was very visible. But they didn't know that I was the one who rescued her. Leelee has come a long way from when we first got her. I am happy to say that she has gotten a second life. She runs around like a little puppy dog and is very happy. But, Leelee is one of the lucky ones. Sadly, animal abuse goes on more often than we think.
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Guarding the Mailbox

    Dachshunds are big dogs in little bodies. They think they are 20x their size. My dachshund Leelee is no different. She loves the mailman because she loves attention. Our mailman will get out of his truck and pet her for a couple of minutes if she is outside when he comes. In this photo, she is waiting for him to pull up. She looks like she is guiding my mailbox.
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    Playing in the Leaves

    My dachshund Leelee is fifteen years old. You wouldn't know she was that old if you watched her playing. Leelee loves to play in the leaves. She chases them like they were a living thing moving. She likes to run through the leaves.

     Her hound dog ears were flopping in the wind. She looks like, she in having so much fun, playing in the leaves. She acts like a puppy when there are leaves on the ground.
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    Dog Photos Are Not Easy to Get

    One thing I never thought I would call myself is an amateur photographer. I am what you would call legally blind. But with today's technology, I can enjoy taking photos. On occasion, I can get some good shots. I am a dog lover, and one of my favorite subjects of my photography is my dog Leelee. Taking photos on a moving subject is not easy. But, sometimes I get some really good pictures of Leelee.

    This one was easy as she wanted on the couch.

    You can see just how gray Leelee is in outdoor photos.

    Action photo, I like this one even though it didn't come because she was chasing something.  I have taken thousands of pictures of Leelee.  Only a few of them I can actually use.

    I Miss Daddy Look!

    This is Leelee, the contented dachshund. If you don't know, already Leelee was a rescue dog. She has been with my family for some time now. Leelee loves her belly rubbed. Her favorite belly rubber is my husband. When he is not home, and Leelee wants him she gives me this look. This is her I am sad and miss dad look.

    Don't you just want to love her?

    Blessed to Have My Fur Baby

    I am so blessed to have my fur baby, Leelee, the contented dachshund. Sadly, I have just read about one of my friends losing their fur baby. My heart breaks every time I read about someone losing their fur baby.

    Leelee is an older dog. I know that she could leave us at any moment. I know that every day she is here is a blessing from God.
    So, to all of you out there who have lost a fur baby, know that all fur babies go to Heaven. Know that your fur baby watches you from the Heavens.
    Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp ©2016 all right reserved

    Picky Little Dachshund Needs to Use Her Bed

    Picky Little Dachshund Needs to Use Her Bed

    I got Leelee the content dachshund a new bed. I did not realize that I was going to have to go through a process before she would lie in it. Picky little dachshund, she needs to use her bed.
    First I just put the new bed in her cage and threw the old one away. Leelee refused to go into her cage. She stood in front of the cage barking at it like there was something wrong. After some time of trying to figure out what was wrong, I realized it was her new bed.
    What I had to Do to Get My Picky Little Dachshund to Use Her New Bed

    I had to put the new bed on the couch next to me. Leelee lays by me on the couch. She just stared at it for a long time. She would look at me like there was something wrong. It was as if she was telling me this thing does not belong on my couch. I actually had to put my head of the doggie bed to let her see there nothing wrong with it.
    I put her into the bed on the couch with her blanket and starting petting her. I can not figure out what it is about the new bed that she does not like. The new bed is just like her old one.
    I put the bed back into her cage. I realized that when I removed the old bed, her favorite bone toy was in the bed. She had buried the toy inside the bed. I put the toy in her new bed. Surprise, Leelee the contented dachshund went right in and laid down. My picky little dachshund likes her new bed after all.

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