Friday, October 7, 2016

How Leelee The Contented Dachshund Gets Exercise

Leelee The Contented Dachshund Plays Chase 

Being a dog owner and having an older dog, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for older dogs to get exercise.  Leelee, the Contented dachshund, get her exercise playing chase with everyone the house.  She loves it when someone chases her around the house.  If no one will play she will stomp her front paws until someone chases her.  She even stops every once in a while to make sure the person is still there.  Sometimes she will run into her cage and play hide and seek.

Leelee The Contented Dachshund Loves to Walk

Leelee, the contented dachshund, loves to go for walks.  I will say if it is raining out or the ground is wet forget it, we are lucky to get her to go outside and pee.  But, on nice days Leelee, the contented dachshund loves to be outside.  She loved to walk around and smell everything that she can.

You have to have her on a leash because if she sees or smells another animal, she will want to chase it.  She has in her time chased squirrels up trees.  She got one by the tail once and came in the house with a mouth full of hair.  I think the squirrel was alright because it was just hair in her month.  The squirrel did make it up the tree.

Leelee, the contented dachshund, also managed to get a hold of a baby bunny one time.  Relax she didn’t want to hurt the baby bunny, she wanted to be it’s mother and tried to nurse the baby bunny.  The mother rabbit didn’t like the idea and thumped Leelee in the head a couple of time.  Leelee came out of that with a very sore ear.  That was back when I first got Leelee.  She defiantly got her exercise that day. It was funny seeing a dog run away from a rabbit.

For an older dog Leelee, the contented dachshund can sure run fast.  She gets plenty of exercises and is very healthy.  My vet has told, me, quite a few times, that all thing considered, Leelee the contented dachshund is in great shape.  I hope you enjoyed reading about how Leelee the contented dachshund gets her exercise.  Do come back again and read more about my rescue dog Leelee.

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