Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dog Food Review: Purina Beyond

Purina Beyond dog food Review

I received a free sample of Purina Beyond Natural dog food in the mail.  I also got coupons for $2.00 the canned Purina Beyond dog food.  I have a fifteen-year-old dachshund.  I want to give her the healthiest dog food that I possibly can.

Purina Beyond Natural Dog Food

Purina Beyond is all natural dog food.  Real meat is the #1 ingredient. In my case it is chicken.  My dog Leelee loves anything chicken flavored.  There is no corn wheat or soy in Purina Beyond dog food.  There is also no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in Purina Beyond dog food. I was defiantly happy when I read the label of Purina Beyond dog food.  Feeding your dog natural dog food helps them not only be healthier but live longer.  When your dog is fifteen years old, that is something you think about when buying food for them.

What Do Dogs Think of Purina Beyond

I actually used the hard Purina Beyond as treats for Leelee.  I gave her the soft canned Purina beyond as food. After getting the free sample and coupons.  I have changed the brand of dog food that I use. Well, you can tell from the photo that Leelee loves her new dog food.   I would highly recommend Purina Beyond dog food.

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