Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Leelee the Dachshund Barked!

                                 There is something under daddy's car!

Leelee the Dachshund Barked

Anyone who has ever had a dachshund knows, these little dogs are not afraid of anything.  They think they are bigger than what they are.  Dachshunds will bark at anything.  That is most dachshund will bark at anything.  My dachshund Leelee hardly ever barks.  When Leelee does bark, it’s a big deal.

Last night Leelee the dachshund started barking at something.  I was taking Leelee out at night when she started barking.  I looked around, but there was no one in sight.  She was near the car and barking like there was something there.  Sure, enough something came flying out from under the car.  Leelee, the dachshund, chased whatever it was to my backyard.  She had it cornered under my shed.

What is Leelee the dachshund Barking At?

                                 I 'm going to get it.

It was dark out so I couldn't tell what she had cornered.   Whatever she had cornered didn't want her barking at it.  I thought it was a cat; that is until I heard it hiss at Leelee.  It was no cat.  I decided that Leelee the dachshund had enough, and it was time to go back in the house.

I didn't want whatever it was to hurt Leelee.  Leelee, the dachshund, is no puppy.  She acts like a puppy sometimes even though she is almost fifteen years old.  I didn't want the animal to hurt Leelee; that is why I brought her back into the house.  I love to hear her bark since she doesn't bark that much.  The animal she had cornered had her going.  I have never heard bark so much.

I never did figure out what Leelee the dachshund had chased under my shed.  I did no one thing for sure; that was that it was no cat.  If it had been a cat, I would have let her play with it.  Leelee, the dachshund, likes cats.  There are many cats in my neighborhood that she likes to play with, that was why I let her chase it in the first place.  I really did think it was a cat.

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Bill Kasman said...

If it wasn't a cat what else is in your neighbourhood that it could have been?

Sandy KS said...

Glad you took her back tot he house. hard telling what it could've been. What kind of wild life do you have in your area that it might be?

LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer said...

It was a raccoon.

LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer said...

There are all types of critters running around here. But, it was a raccoon.

The Savvy Age said...

Glad all were safe !

Martha DeMeo said...

Maybe it was a possum or raccoon. Our neighbor adopted an older dachshund that had been abused. She has had her for about 8 years now and she's the sweetest dog.

LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer said...

All is well

LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer said...

Abused is only part of what my poor dog had gone through before I got her. She is an angel and loves to be around people.

Kimberly Dalessandro said...

Leelee is adorable! I wonder what it was? I suppose that it could been anything from a mouse to an opossum.

LadyNightwaveBrendaMarie Writer said...

We think it was a raccoon from the sounds it was making.

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