Monday, July 25, 2016

My Dachshund Likes Reiki

My Dachshund Likes Reiki

My dachshund likes Reiki.  Did you know you can give animals Reiki treatments?  Many people do not realize that it is possible to give animals Reiki treatments.  Most animals enjoy when you give Reiki treatments.  I believe animals are more sensitive to the flow of energies around them.  After all, many pets can sense what mood their owners are in.

I Enjoy Giving My Dachshund Reiki

I enjoy giving my dachshund Reiki.  If you have been following me, you know that I have a dachshund named Leelee.  You also know that Leelee was a shelter dog that, was saved from a puppy farm.  She was one of the dogs that got bread way too much.  As a result of them breeding her way too much, he has a little trouble getting around sometimes.

I for one believe that animals do remember things.  Leelee I think remembers being at the puppy farm.  I know she enjoys hearing the sounds of other dogs’ puppies.  I think she likes being a mother dog.  I also believe she has bad memories from her past.  When I first got her, she often cried in her sleep.

I started giving Leelee Reiki treatment soon after I got her.  You give an animal a Reiki treatment just like you would give one to a human.  The only real difference between giving a Reiki treatment to an animal and a human is that with animals, it’s mostly like petting them when you give them a Reiki treatment.

Soon after I started giving Leelee Reiki treatments, she didn’t cry in her sleep as often. It could have been the Reiki treatments or knowing that she finally had a real home with people who loved her and would take care of her like she should be taking care of. It doesn’t matter what stopped the bad dreams; I am just glad that they stopped.

I know that Leelee like me to give her Reiki treatments because of the way she acts.  She loved to be petted.  What dog doesn’t like it when you pet them?  Leelee will give me this look like she wants more and I know she wanted me to give her a Reiki treatment.   I love giving my dog Reiki treatments.  I know that giving my dog Reiki treatments help her calm down and relax.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me giving Leelee Reiki.
Blessed Be,

Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

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