Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund

Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund

I have been writing online for about ten years. I have written many articles and some of them have been about pets. I have only been blogging four about four months. I noticed that my articles about my dog Leelee do very well. One of my writing friends suggested I start a blog all about pets. When I first started thinking about blogging, I had planned to start one about pets. No time like the present to start a blog about pets. Basically, I decided, to start the blog because I have a dog and I love to tell everyone about her so that is why I am starting Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund.

Lady Nightwave’s Pet Leelee the Dachshund

The lovely little angel in the picture above is my dachshund Leelee. We have had Leelee for about five and half years. She was a shelter dog with a very bad past. She was returned several times. I have always been the type of person who wants things that no one else does. This little girl just needed a loving family, and I wanted to take care of her.

Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund all About Pets

While the main subject of this blog will be Leelee the dachshund, I will be discussing other things. After all, she is my pet and the animal that is around me every day. She is an older dog and I will be discussing older pet care. I will also be talking about all different types of pets and pet care. I will also be reviewing different pet products and services throughout the blog.

If you are a dog lover, I know you will enjoy reading my blog. Come back and find out what amazing thing are going on with Leelee the dachshund. Or what wonderful pet products I have come across. Thank-you for reading and have a wonder day.

Lady Nightwave (Brenda Marie)

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