Thursday, July 21, 2016

Family Dachshund

Picking the Family Dachshund

Leelee the dachshund is a family dachshund. She was just waiting for the right family. She chose my family to be her family. I have always thought; the dog picked it, owner. In Leelee's case, this is true. Leelee picked me. While we were looking at all the dogs, Leelee was the one that came right over to me. She started kissing me. For me, it was love at first lick.

My father once told me the best way to pick a dog, is to watch and see which dog comes to you. The first dog that comes over to you is the one that you want because that is the dog that wants you. Dogs have a great sense of whom they want their humans to be. Leelee was no different she came right over to me.

Mark's Pet Dachshund

Leelee was meant to be a pet for my son, Mark. Mark and Leelee bonded right away. I think with him; it was love at first sight. She is a pretty old dachshund. Don't get me wrong, Leelee is Mark's dog, but she is everyone's dog. Most times a dog will pick one person in a family that is their person. It is usually the person that takes care of them. Leelee has picked us all.

Leelee sleeps with Mark and is by his side most of the time. Leelee is his guard dog. She protects him from even the plastic bags blowing down the road. She starting barking like crazy at a plastic bag blowing down the road. She is a big dog in a little dog's body.

Leelee the Family's Dachshund

Leelee goes crazy when my husband comes in the door. He cannot do anything until he pets and plays with her first. You should see her, it is as if she knows when he is getting close to home. About ten minutes before I hear his car pull up, her ears start perking up. She waits for him. She will even search for him if she thinks he should be home.

Leelee is the family dog. She has brought so much joy and happiness to my family. The best thing, I ever did for my son was got him a dog. She means the world to him. He is her best friend. There is nothing I think that is cuter than seeing the two of them together.

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