Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday 7/27/2016 With Leelee the Dachshund

Wordless Wednesday 7/27/2016 With Leelee the Dachshund

Latest Photo of Leelee

This is the latest photo of Leelee the dachshund.  She is gray in the face but, she is still the prettiest dog I have ever seen.  I am happy to say she has been my fur baby for over six years.

Angel Leelee Sleeping 

Here is my little angel Leelee sleeping.  I love this photo, she looks so happy.

Leelee the Happy Dachshund

This is the look of the happy dog.  She just got her belly rubbed.  I can not help but laugh when she makes this face.

I hope you enjoyed wordless Wednesday with Leelee the dachshund.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

My Dachshund Likes Reiki

My Dachshund Likes Reiki

My dachshund likes Reiki.  Did you know you can give animals Reiki treatments?  Many people do not realize that it is possible to give animals Reiki treatments.  Most animals enjoy when you give Reiki treatments.  I believe animals are more sensitive to the flow of energies around them.  After all, many pets can sense what mood their owners are in.

I Enjoy Giving My Dachshund Reiki

I enjoy giving my dachshund Reiki.  If you have been following me, you know that I have a dachshund named Leelee.  You also know that Leelee was a shelter dog that, was saved from a puppy farm.  She was one of the dogs that got bread way too much.  As a result of them breeding her way too much, he has a little trouble getting around sometimes.

I for one believe that animals do remember things.  Leelee I think remembers being at the puppy farm.  I know she enjoys hearing the sounds of other dogs’ puppies.  I think she likes being a mother dog.  I also believe she has bad memories from her past.  When I first got her, she often cried in her sleep.

I started giving Leelee Reiki treatment soon after I got her.  You give an animal a Reiki treatment just like you would give one to a human.  The only real difference between giving a Reiki treatment to an animal and a human is that with animals, it’s mostly like petting them when you give them a Reiki treatment.

Soon after I started giving Leelee Reiki treatments, she didn’t cry in her sleep as often. It could have been the Reiki treatments or knowing that she finally had a real home with people who loved her and would take care of her like she should be taking care of. It doesn’t matter what stopped the bad dreams; I am just glad that they stopped.

I know that Leelee like me to give her Reiki treatments because of the way she acts.  She loved to be petted.  What dog doesn’t like it when you pet them?  Leelee will give me this look like she wants more and I know she wanted me to give her a Reiki treatment.   I love giving my dog Reiki treatments.  I know that giving my dog Reiki treatments help her calm down and relax.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me giving Leelee Reiki.
Blessed Be,

Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Daughter Like Father, Dachshund Lover

Daughter Like Father, Dachshund Lover

We always had a dog or two when I was growing up. My father's favorite breed of dog was the dachshund, I guess that is where I get it from.  Actually, the dachshund breed, if you read the traits of the dachshund, wouldn't be the breed I would pick.  Dachshunds are barkers and very stubborn dogs.  They are not the best of breeds to have around child.  But, dogs don't always follow, what the breed is.  My dachshund Leelee hardly ever barks.  She loves little kids.  She is more like a basset hound than a dachshund.  It really wasn't until after I had Leelee that I fell in love with the breed.  Dachshunds are small dogs and I had a dachshund when I was little that was why  I got a dachshund.

Young Dachshund Lover

I had wonderful childhood memories of one of the dachshunds; I had as a child.  Her name was BJ.  My father named her after my mother, Barbra Jean. BJ was a great dog.  I could make her howl very loud and I loved that I was the only one who could do that. BJ loved people and was a very laid-back dog.  She would let me carry her around all the time.  I really do miss BJ.

My father had a thing for dachshunds because his father had one.  His father used the dachshunds when he went hunting.  Dachshunds are great for hunting from what I understand.  I guess, my father liked dachshunds because he had them when he was little, as well.  Daughter like father, when it comes to loving the dachshund breed.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Family Dachshund

Picking the Family Dachshund

Leelee the dachshund is a family dachshund. She was just waiting for the right family. She chose my family to be her family. I have always thought; the dog picked it, owner. In Leelee's case, this is true. Leelee picked me. While we were looking at all the dogs, Leelee was the one that came right over to me. She started kissing me. For me, it was love at first lick.

My father once told me the best way to pick a dog, is to watch and see which dog comes to you. The first dog that comes over to you is the one that you want because that is the dog that wants you. Dogs have a great sense of whom they want their humans to be. Leelee was no different she came right over to me.

Mark's Pet Dachshund

Leelee was meant to be a pet for my son, Mark. Mark and Leelee bonded right away. I think with him; it was love at first sight. She is a pretty old dachshund. Don't get me wrong, Leelee is Mark's dog, but she is everyone's dog. Most times a dog will pick one person in a family that is their person. It is usually the person that takes care of them. Leelee has picked us all.

Leelee sleeps with Mark and is by his side most of the time. Leelee is his guard dog. She protects him from even the plastic bags blowing down the road. She starting barking like crazy at a plastic bag blowing down the road. She is a big dog in a little dog's body.

Leelee the Family's Dachshund

Leelee goes crazy when my husband comes in the door. He cannot do anything until he pets and plays with her first. You should see her, it is as if she knows when he is getting close to home. About ten minutes before I hear his car pull up, her ears start perking up. She waits for him. She will even search for him if she thinks he should be home.

Leelee is the family dog. She has brought so much joy and happiness to my family. The best thing, I ever did for my son was got him a dog. She means the world to him. He is her best friend. There is nothing I think that is cuter than seeing the two of them together.

Lady Nightwave (Brenda Marie)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund

Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund

I have been writing online for about ten years. I have written many articles and some of them have been about pets. I have only been blogging four about four months. I noticed that my articles about my dog Leelee do very well. One of my writing friends suggested I start a blog all about pets. When I first started thinking about blogging, I had planned to start one about pets. No time like the present to start a blog about pets. Basically, I decided, to start the blog because I have a dog and I love to tell everyone about her so that is why I am starting Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund.

Lady Nightwave’s Pet Leelee the Dachshund

The lovely little angel in the picture above is my dachshund Leelee. We have had Leelee for about five and half years. She was a shelter dog with a very bad past. She was returned several times. I have always been the type of person who wants things that no one else does. This little girl just needed a loving family, and I wanted to take care of her.

Lady Nightwave’s the Contented Dachshund all About Pets

While the main subject of this blog will be Leelee the dachshund, I will be discussing other things. After all, she is my pet and the animal that is around me every day. She is an older dog and I will be discussing older pet care. I will also be talking about all different types of pets and pet care. I will also be reviewing different pet products and services throughout the blog.

If you are a dog lover, I know you will enjoy reading my blog. Come back and find out what amazing thing are going on with Leelee the dachshund. Or what wonderful pet products I have come across. Thank-you for reading and have a wonder day.

Lady Nightwave (Brenda Marie)

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